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More Shallow Ranting

June 6th- I bleach the hell out of my hair after getting a smexy hair cut. (The hair dresser said I had beautiful color as she cut my hair. That was my original dyed color.)
June 7th- I use blonde dye (dollar store!) and it comes out great. Uneven, but great.
June 9th- I dye my hair purple and blue. It looks FUCKING AWESOME. I am pleased beyond anything.
June 12th- The blue faded almost completely.
June 14th- I contemplate either dying my hair completely magenta or completely brown. Friend says brown.
June 17th- I buy Revlon High Dimension 61- Light Cool Brown. I dye my hair once more.
Now- My hair is ash-olive. Not brown. Not blonde. The color of baby poo with a consistency like cotton balls.

Total spending: $24+$18+$1+$0+$0+$11= $54

All this only to have my hair look like SHIT. >.< FUCK.
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