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A Post About Coffee

I love coffee.

Close friends state that coffee slows down one's metabolism and that the energy boost isn't worth the following crash. I vaguely recall a blurb on how coffee affects your liver or kidneys or some vital organ, but I apparently wasn't listening.

The fact of the matter is that people consider caffeine a drug or an abusive substance, like marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. If you don't drink and don't smoke, people expect that you aren't a big caffeine-consumer.

Well, here's some odd news that has questionable credentials:
Coffee may be kinda good for you!

  • Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes!
  • Coffee boosts your mood!
  • Coffee increases mental agility + physical performance!
  • Coffee protects against Parkinson's disease!
  • Coffee defends against liver and colon cancer!

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