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Uncertain Mutt

Okay. Yeah, yeah. Almost 4 now. I just spent some time tweaking the smexiness of ze journal and all that.

And then I got tuh thinkin'....

I've been thinking about my direction in life, career goals and whatnot, and I wonder where I really belong. I'm too lazy/cheap to be a gamer. I'm too lazy/cheap/afraid-of-the-competition for fashion. I don't want to learn more about film-making or the art of cinematography, so animation isn't looking too hot. I know I like to draw characters, design outfits/weaponry, and I love writing fictional shtuffs... So I'm kinda left not knowing exactly what field in which I belong.

Blah. More of the whole "discover yourself! <3" bs. x_x Insta-doom.

Too... lazy... to... continue... entry...
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